What is PragueSim?

PragueSim is a project focused on Prague public transport, firstly based on the undeground system specificaly the Line B. It has begun in 2015 after competation in Houston where I won the 3rd place with models of Prague subway cars 81-71 and 81-71M. 

The main idea came from the Prague public transport company with a question about simulator for metro driver beginners. It would be my first simulator ever and it's going to be used at subway drive simulator in a real subway cab. 

The Prague public transport company has not any drive simulator like that and I hope the metro driver beginners would be able to try a real driving at the driver simulator firstly. In fact, the beginners first drives are dangerous and could be unpleasant for passengers. 

I suppose, the simulator could eliminate these situations and the beginners would have more skills in their first real drives in real subway trains. 

To see more pictures let to visit the 'Tvorba' or 'Galerie', please.

If you have more questions, don't be worry to write me an e-mail to martin.blecha@email.cz